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Returning buyer

I love this clothes first because they are compostable. My other reason is they work so well and can go in the dishwasher to clean (i’ve also washed them in the washing machine).

Great Product

Seems great so far, but I've only had it for 2 days. I'm thinking it will continue to be a good product and I'll get more.

Love the CLARDS

Never heard of CLARDS, took a chance and ordered - so glad I did. They're wonderful!. So great to keep in touch with a lovely greeting that also serves a purpose. Even the shipping packaging is delightful & fun. I plan to order more to send as Earth Day greetings.

Love Soak It Ups

We give these as small gifts to closes friends and they always love them. They’re easy to sanitize and very durable. Great, fun product.

Inspiring message

I love your product and give it away along with other little items as “thank you” gifts. The Greta Thunberg polar bear soak cloths are reserved for children and youth who need to be inspired.

Love These!

Soak iT Up Cloths are amazing! I use one for dishes and another to clean the surfaces in my kitchen. They are easier to use and clean better than a sponge or dishcloth. It has cut our paper towel use down by at least 75%! They are reusable and easy to store. Every time I run the
dishwasher I put the set I’m using in and get out a new set. Love these!!

Gardening, Good for the SOIL, Great for the SOUL

Love Them!

I love these cloths. Functional and beautiful design.


Love using these clothes! Give them as gifts too

Making dishes fun!

My husband loves his cloth! Thank you for helping us recycle with fun designs!

soak it up cloths

They work great.

Soak it Up

Delivery was quick and cloths are amazing ! Great for a gift or to keep for yourself.

Winter wonderland

It’s lovely - too pretty to use!

Love it!

Best holiday cards ever! I feel so much better sending cards that also have a practical use. The fact that they look so lovely is a bonus! Thanks for coming up with such a clever idea!

Most excellent

I have not given these to their respective recipients yet, But they look great.

Love these

These are great, I got 1 for a gift last Christmas. I have purchased several to give as a gift, along with some hand or dish soap. With more concerns for the environment, their sustainability is huge! I love them. I also like the ones with the Christmas motif, so cute.

The perfect card for a less than perfect year

In a year that mail is an important contact with those we cannot see face to face. I’m so excited to be able to send people pleasant surprise.


Love these cloths, the only ones I will use.
They make great gifts!

Already love this product!

Very excited to gift these for the holidays! Using up the remaining paper towel I have then making a switch to these beauties myself. They work great.

Love them!

These were such a great gift to be able to send to my husband’s cousins…the clards rock! Also, gave a friend the " Tis the Season" in apple and she loved it!


I just received the coolest Christmas card I've ever gotten. Cute, clever, and not just another shiny piece of paper that goes in the trash. I love it!

Love these!

My daughter has one of these. I used it when I was at her house and had to have some. I purchased two for myself and three more for friends.

I am sold on these.

I love knowing I can reduce my paper use by using my Soak It Up cloths for so many tasks around the house. They are very handy and absorbent.

What a Fun Way to Help Reduce Waste

These cloths are awesome. Love both their functionality and the fun messages. Thank you for a great product.

Perfect pandemic gift!

I have been ordering these to give as gifts this season. I found some Kraft paper envelopes that are a bit over sized, so it perfectly fits a the cloth with handmade bar of soap. ...A couple items that everyone can use this year and so thankful to find these clothes for their reuse and sustainability. Excited to see the new designs that have been rolling out! Great gift!